What You Can Do… Ideas for Advocacy

  • Join OFOM! If you believe that women and families should be allowed to make individual choices about where and how to give birth, even if you’ve never had or heard of a homebirth, you can show your support by joining OFOM. We need both physical and financial contributions in order to succeed in our efforts to educate the public about homebirth. Join today…your financial contribution is tax deductible! Become a Member Today
  • Submit your email address today so that we can inform you of urgent legislative actions, which may become necessary in the process of turning The Midwifery Bill into a law. Please send your name, address and phone in the text of the message. OR join our OFOM Families Yahoo Group by clicking the link below.
  • Write your legislator and let them know you support a family’s right to choose homebirth and that you believe the State of Ohio should take measures to recognize Direct-Entry-Midwifery. For tips on letter writing, see our newsletter or visit the CfM (Citizens for Midwifery) website. If you’ve had a homebirth recently, consider sending a birth announcement to your legislators praising the arrival of their newest constituent, born at home, with the assistance of a midwife. (Then send a birthday card each year until Direct-Entry Midwifery is recognized!) If you would like some help writing the announcement, email OFOM and we’ll help you out!
  • Coming Soon…Create your announcement right here in our website!
  • Find your Representative
  • Buy a bumper sticker today! Sporting the bumper sticker is a low-cost, effortless way to spread the word about homebirth.
  • Add a personalized line to your next order of personal checks, advocating homebirth! (Examples: “Birth at Home…Naturally!” or “Home Sweet Homebirth” or “There’s No Place Like Home … To Give Birth”)
  • Write an article or letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine about birthing at home and its benefits.
  • Take the time to place a notice of your homebirth in your local newspaper’s birth section.