The government doesn’t create jobs

Just about every policy decision made in the White House and voted on in Congress has an effect on job creation. When we speak about regulations, taxes foreign policy, a balanced budget and even energy – job creation is all part of the sum at the end of the equation.

Through the course of many years, the Democratic Party and now President Obama’s economic initiatives have created a growing federal bureaucracy that now manages individual business through burdensome regulations that hamper investment and confidence in hiring which have resulted in abysmal job creation numbers.

High taxation for corporations here at home encourages job growth overseas and reduces the manufacturing capacity here in the United States. Reduced opportunities for Americans in every other sector such as housing, retail and the service industry have been put at risk, because of the policies that are driven by ideology.

American business must be released from the shackles of the federal bureaucracy so that companies and the public are able to regain its confidence in the free enterprise system again. How do you encourage growth in capitalism while maintaining integrity in corporate America? How do we go about changing people’s behavior with respect to working, investing and producing? These are the questions we must be asking. These all have an impact in any company’s decision to hire and expand. In addition, how do we solve the healthcare cost crisis in America? Obama – care threatens each individual’s ability of choice and threatens future job growth through higher taxes, which is the result of any government run healthcare program.

A culture where it is recognized that government doesn’t create jobs or the type of jobs that grows prosperity is where the dialog must now go. It’s essential that any policy in job creation must include a movement toward lower and flatter tax rates. Sound value in our money will give us a strong dollar in the world’s markets. Reduction in our staggering debt and deficit will bring confidence back to America’s credit. Free trade is the other objective in domestic job creation. Fair trade must be encouraged in every world market that the U.S. does business. Less regulation on the part of government is needed overall. Government, through agency mandates and regulations that causes a company and an economy to retract, is what must be reversed.

Sound economic policy initiatives that promote individual wealth and economic models that fit the free enterprise system of America should be promoted in the Halls of Congress. Politicians must do the hard work that is necessary to repeal or defund any former legislation that discourages economic growth and economic freedom. Any legislation that creates a heavy drag or that siphons any percentage of private or corporate purchasing power that reduces investment, purchasing and risk taking is what has to be stopped. The Federal Government cannot nor should it provide the means for excessive increases in public expenditures.